Friday, March 26, 2010

RB-T in a box

Dig it.

We're heading out for spring break. By car. The roof rack is full. I'm going to try and stash the coupled RB-T in the back seat.

It all fits pretty easily. There are a couple minor tweaks I need to make to the bike that will simplify packing. Mainly around the stem and front brake cable. I can't imagine stuffing a super nice bike with a really nice paint job in this box. I guess you can use pipe insulators and stuff, but I'm ok with scratching stuff up.

I crammed the wheels, frame and bars in there and then tossed the cranks, saddle and bits in the voids. I'll pack with more care when this bike goes on a plane later this summer.

Liza says I look like a turtle.

It used to be you could haul a bag this size as luggage on a plane for nothing. As long as it came in under 50 pounds. I'm good at 35.5 pounds, but all luggage costs money now apparently.


Dylan said...

That's awesome. So awesome, you have no idea. Or maybe you do?

Where are you headed later this summer?

John Speare said...

Alaska. word.

Willy said...

I want to see a video of the under 2 minute, blindfolded re-assembly.

John Speare said...

That whole 2 minute goal deal will take some practice.