Monday, March 22, 2010

Paris Roubaix at Steamplant

Check out the post on Team 2 Wheel for all the details, but the net:
-- Watch Paris Roubaix
-- At the Steamplant
-- At 3pm
-- On Sunday April 11th
-- While drinking beer

Before the race, make up a righteous dirt and cobble ride of your own. If you have a good candidate for a 20 mile course, please send me a Bikely route. I always do the same route and now that FLT is paved, a good portion of the dirt is gone from my preferred route.

That's the bike-related part of the post.

We're building a treehouse. Since I can't really find a way to relate this to cycling, watch for random treehouse add-ons to bikey posts.

Thank god I live within spitting distance of an engineer that likes to build stuff. And has great tools.

I had some ideas on how to hang this board from the trees and then ran them by Pat, who obsessed on it a bit, and came up with (and fabricated) these beautiful hangers. I had a plan, but I didn't feel great about it, so honestly, I was hoping to tap into Pat's tendency to obsess.

The goal is to let the tree move and grow and change slowly -- so these brackets are perfect. I can back off the lag screw a half turn once a year or so as the bark grows and heals.

Here's Pat tacking on the supports to the angle iron shelves.

Here's Maddie. Happy with the results. Click for big to see where that bubble is on the level. Hint: DFC.

Happy hanger.

Tiger is not so happy that we're disturbing his burial ground. We've found a lot of bird and squirrel parts as we've fussed around under the trees by the back fence.


Ken Paulman said...

Looks like you'll have the first treehouse in history that's built to code. Maybe you can rent it out after Maddie goes to college?

John Speare said...

Well. Thanks to Pat, maybe the "foundation" will be code-worthy. Now that I feel comfortable about the base layer, I can start going to town on actual house. The rest will be a typical John hack.

Anonymous said...

Being DFC is so overrated.

Pat S said...

"Tendency to obsess". I like the sound of that. Patty uses a way different term.

Mark said...

Don't forget the "cripple stud" Or is it "differently abled stud" now?

rory said...

treehouses are the whole reason to have kids. this is a good start, but i wont be impressed until i see cable span wire supporting the platform, with a zipline to the house...