Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hang conversion

The last Winter bike nerd hang of the season is tomorrow night at South Perry Pizza, 5:30pm.

Since I can't attend, I'll suggest an agenda:

-- Discuss early-spring hang format. Hangs end when Weds night mountain bike series begins in mid-May. My suggestion for spring format: 1 hour trail/CX-type ride followed by traditional beer-based bike nerd hang. The debate: start at Polly Judd and go up? Or start at Highdrive/37th and go down? I'm down for up.

-- How about we do this ride on Friday instead of the proposed Little Falls loop. The pros: it's shorter (about 50 miles), it has a nice dirt mid-section, and it has better climbs (including Lehman). Leave Scoop at 8:30? Discuss.

I trust one of our co-secretaries, Justin or Nate, will post follow-up minutes.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the promotion to co-secretary, John.

Though I appreciated the gesture back when you appointed me treasurer, I also noted that the Bike Hang entirely lacks a treasury.

Friday route looks great, the forecast also looks good.

Anonymous said...

okay, maybe I am stupid. Is this wednesday night or tuesday night?

John Speare said...

Nate: Well, officially, there's a 6month probation period, so no need to thank me yet.

Andrew: Wednesday night.