Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sa-weet road find


I see lots of tools on the side of the road when I ride. I've stopped picking up channel lock pliers.

As we rode down Broadway this morning I saw this wrench in a flash as we passed. It took me another 10 feet or so to process what I'd seen. All I knew is that whatever the wrench was, it was metric.

Hells yeah. A 8 mm/10 mm combo wrench. How perfect is that? I never find such obvious bikey tools like this.

I was thinking it was about the best road find one could hope for. But the obvious holy grail of all bike finds would be the Hozan Rock Ring Wrench.


Dylan said...

I found a framepump once, a pretty nice Zefal. Other than that, all I ever find along the side of the road is roadkill. No joke.

glen c. said...

I wonder if the "w" on wrench threw them for a loop when they were making the tooling.

Ken Paulman said...

I'm relying on memory, but I think a lot of Toyotas come with those 8/10 wrenches. 8mm fits the battery cable clamps, 10mm fits just about everything else on the car that might be serviceable on the roadside. So good chance that's what it fell out of.

Patty said...

Sweet find, I think the coolest thing I've ever found on a road was half a bicycle :p

Cindy said...

It's the best tool my husband ever gave me.