Sunday, January 24, 2010

3 Sunday Rides

Sunday morning crew. We went up Greenwood, across Rimrock, and over to West Central. We threw in a few trail sections for fun. For the notekeepers: that chunk of red/black dude on the far left is Joe, then Steph and Nate, Pat the Rack Man, and Willy in the back. If it's not obvious, that's my big mug up front. And Patrick, of Scoop fame is charging ahead out of the picture.

Note the glove-bike accessorizing

I got home and Maddie and I took a ride up to Rite Aid to buy a gift for her friend. Maddie still has it. She's not ridden for a few months, but she dug it. Which is nice, because she ended the summer not really interested in riding. I must practice restraint.

So, on that note, I'm going to make a few minor changes to her bike: add fenders, put less-knobbie tires on it, put a normal-sized chain ring on it (look at that monster, wtf?). Maybe get a Pat-Rack for the back. I may see if I can add a bmx-style side pull brake on the rear and a thumbshifter setup for a drag brake. Her little hands get tired braking on the long descent to downtown. The seat needs a-raising too.

Liza and the fly catcher

Maddie went to a friend's house so Liza and I rode down to Value Village for some pants. Liza scored some nice J Crews (oh la la), but the sweet-ass wool pants I found were just too big. Dang. I did get a belt finally. No more nylon webbing for me! Then we went to Clinkerdaggers and split an order of onion rings. Not a good decision for the ride home. Ugh.


Justino said...


Not said...

I thought that must have been you and Liza behind me at Howard and Boone! I recognized you two from blog pictures.
I wonder if some Avid brake levers with the adjustable mechanical advantage would work better for Maddie.
- Ventura

Erik Spokane said...

I wonder if leather tassles off the end of the handgrips, if long enough, could be wrapped around a compressed brake lever and held with less hand fatigue? Then at the bottom of the big hill you'd let go of the tassles and the brakes would be off and not forgotten for the ride on the flats or heaven forbid back up the hill with drag brakes on.

Erik M.

Anonymous said...

Mini-Vbrake might work good.