Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Free Bike!

Not for you, silly...for me! The esteemed Dr. Copus(wife) had to work New Years day, so I was left to my own devices for the day. I made use of several of the roached frames in my rafters to build this "Pueguercordi" Thanks, local bike community! I made the bottom bracket really high so I can have the toe clips hanging down when I'm wearing my big dumb work shoes. I had fun, and I can make 2 or 3 more with the rest of the scraps...there's a N.I.B Ruby fork that needs a home...maybe a Ronde van Palouse bike in the works?


John Speare said...

Hang on. You gotta explain each part. When we talked, you said the only non-boneyard piece was the head tube.
Rear triangle: peugeot?
Top tube: guerciotti
Downtube: daccordi
Forks: serrota prototype/murray's?

Anonymous said...

fork feels like mid range italian. Was there a Bianchi in a nice british racing green? Head tube was virgin metal. I saved all the headtubes but they were all too short once the cuttin' was over. The Puegeot was a nice SLX Columbus frame, barely used...the others were "well experienced" Elapsed time: 3 hrs.

Anonymous said...

Technically this counts as a freak-bike right? Since you put 3 bike frames together? ;)
It certainly has the "Wow!" factor going for it. I like it.
Could you post a ride report on it when you have a feeling for it's nature?

Erik M.