Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pump trick

I've seen pumps carried on the seatstay before. It's a great spot for a pump if you can find a way to keep it in there. Unlike the top-tube location, with the pump at the seat stay, you can shoulder your bike without fussing. And you don't need extra space between the seat tube and rear wheel that is required for the behind-the-seat-tube-mounting.

When I've tried to cram a pump along the seatstay, it just doesn't fit right. Glen's solution is nifty. In addition to a little strap up top, the devil's in the detail:


We were on the Palouse yesterday and it was super windy. But it was great, because Liza and I took our first ride of the year on the tandem. All up, we ended up riding around 20 miles. We both had stiff necks and shoulders last night, so we need to spend some time getting the fit dialed in.

Justin got a flat. Which provided a nice opportunity to sit around and chat.

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glen c. said...

With a nice campagnolo pump head, you don't even need the strap. The plastic Silca head is just alittle too slippery to trust.