Monday, January 25, 2010

An Elephant Ride

So here's the thing, I am small. Not like gnome small, mind you, but small. I have a nearly impossible time finding bikes that fit. I have over the years just ridden whatever was available in a small, or smallish size. I've made do. But now I've actually ridden a road bike that fits! Glen, the craftsman at Elephant Bicycles, has lent me this pint-sized bike. A friend suggested the endearing name "Dumbo" for this "baby Elephant." Dumbo or elephant, it rides like a gazelle! And I feel like a giant. Note my massiveness.

Dumbo gets some help in its compact geometry by using a smaller wheel size than a 700c. As you can see, the top tube slopes steeply. I have another road bike (also pink!) with 700c wheels, and a straight top tube. I raced this other bike in a former life, but it has always been too big, even with the seat lowered as far as possible. Glen cleverly designed Dumbo to fit both wheels and rider, without too much toe overlap.

The bike handled well on the newly paved, flat Fish Lake Trail, but also climbed great up Sherman Rd off Cheney-Spokane Rd, and descended like a bullet down Cedar. I would prefer drop bars over straight bars, but not a big deal. I got to feel what you average-sized riders must feel everyday. And for that I am blessed. Glen is a saint.

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Pat S said...

On the one hand you make perfect sense: Your massiveness is hard to ignore.

On the other, you call Glen a saint. Let's get real.