Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trek 400

During the daily perusal of Craigslist, I found this bike. Nothing too special, and I replaced...damn, now that I think about it, Every Single Part.

It even fits 700x38 tires with the centerpull brakes.

I only had to visit the Pedals 2 People shop 3 times to complete the build. Thanks to Ryan and John Henry for lots of assistance! One part I needed but didn't find at P2P is this fancy housing stop by Surly.


John Speare said...

sweet build. I'm surprised you got 38's in there. Trails and rough stuff bike?

Justino said...

As of tonight, to Hasting's and back bike. Maybe midnight century/offroad type with some trailier tires.

glen c. said...

Awesome bike. Was it built for 27" wheels?