Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bicycle Banter

Tasty, inexpensive food, tea for the totalers, and service without peer marked the first bike hang of the year. We even managed to shoo away the only other paying customers in the trough area of the Rocket Market with our highly intellectual discussion. The nascent beginnings of a weekly bike-focused radio show resulted. Here are some ideas:

#1: Nate’s Word-of-the-Week

Pinch-hitting for Webster, Nate coughed up “melaxative,” a substitution for last year’s (now banned) “chillaxin’.” (He was on fire last night, following up this gem with some talk of Lance Armstrong’s core body temperature and “key to success”). Prizes offered for most creative, and most frequent, use of the WOTW.

#2. Wade’s Beverage-of-the-Week

Unbeknownst to Wade, he starred in the following future radio scenario:

Host: “Well, Wade, whatcha drinking this week?”

Wade (sighing heavily): “It’s the seventh darn week in a row of my sponsor’s amber ale. Thanks, New Belgium.”

#3. Tech Talk

Road bike guest of the week trading strength-building secrets for air time. Or learn how to change a flat tire…without seeing it happen.

#4. “You Drive Like A Jerk” Gift Certificate

For those drivers who go to great lengths for the negative attention of local cyclists. Gift certificate to P2P stuffed under the wiper blade.

#5. Guess-The-Bike-Part

Digging through the cellar of bike lore, call-in participants compete, tournament-style, for a spot on the radio podium.

#6. Stump-The-Public

Drawing on current rules-of-the-road and state laws, call-in participants shout yeah or nay to true/false statements about where cyclists fit into the grand scheme of the streets.

#7. Cross-Town Transportation Challenge

Bi-monthly competition among various modes of transportation, same starting/ending points, with debrief on the show.

What do you think?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"Dude, how was the Trey show?"

"Dude, like scoring X-lax. Totally melaxitive."

"Awesome, dude."