Thursday, January 21, 2010

the latest hack

I don't know how I feel about this, but John talked me into this gnarly repair. It kind of made sense because he's only using it for a short time as a "proof of concept" (In terms of geometry, clearances, etc.) There's generally a right way to make this repair, and several wrong ways. This is one of the later. Leave the lugs, braze in a tube on top of them, rustoleum,done.

This one needed an extra step, extending the bottom bracket lug to reach the slightly short, old , rusty Columbus SLX downtube. Because John's not about waiting to order a new tube. Plus the donor Ciocc already had shifter bosses and bottle bosses.This a long forgotten lug style, rarely seen in the americas.

A little gap in the brazing let me get the tube end out easily.

Leaving a nice clean bb to add on to.

Tommorow I'll clean it up a little and I bet he's riding it by the weekend.


Pat S said...

I have the EXACT same feeling as when I used to watch Leave it to Beaver and Eddie Haskell was corrupting my boys. Shouting at the TV, helpless. "Don't do it, Beav!"

John Speare said...

Looks wonderful! I can't wait to build it up.

alex wetmore said...

The white downtube fits the paint scheme.

The fillet on the bottom bracket looks great. I wish my fillets got away with that little cleanup.

SLX downtube seems fitting and similar to what was there. I hope it meets John's needs well.