Saturday, January 2, 2010

Some mods to the CB-Zip and Glen's light mount

Since the CB-Zip is wearing studded tires, and this winter has been strangely mild, I haven't put a lot of time on the bike. But I've ridden it enough to figure out that some basic changes are required.

Today I made the following changes:
  • Added front rack; removed rear rack. I like this front rack. It was $18 at MEC a few years ago and has proven itself as a good value. I didn't like the rear rack for two reasons: handling and heel strike.

  • Added dyno wheel + old Bisy light. I don't like to haul around the NiteRider and unhook it whenever I park the bike, so this setup, while not as bright, is much more practical for this bike. I borrowed the wheel from our tandem, which won't get out of the garage until spring. If I get more motivated, I might steal the Lumotec off the tandem too. It's brighter, has a standlight, and an on/off switch. All of which are nice features to have.

  • Swapped Avocet Touring saddle for a B-17. That was just a matter of time. I liked the Avocet since I didn't have to worry about covering it up. I wish my butt like the Avocet Touring.

  • Added a front mud-flap. I've been riding this bike around in sloppy slushy crud and such crud likes to splatter everywhere. The flap is made from auto-supply-store gasket rubber. I'm pretty sure that's a Jan idea, but I don't remember where I read it. In any case the gasket rubber holds up well. I've been running the flap on a couple other bikes for at least a year.

  • Swapped platform pedals for old, shot, (yellow!) SPDs. I wanted platforms to work but I just didn't like them. My feet were slipping around and trying to find the right spot all the time. (To cut off the inevitable suggestion: yes, I know about and have tried Power Grips).

    Per Jim G's request in a comment from a couple posts ago. Here's the light mount that Glen, of Elephant Bikes, made it for me. Simple and sweet. The only attachment is the screw that attaches to the fender stay.

    He also cut out some of the metal that the stay sits on, so that provides an attachment in a way that doesn't let the mount swivel around. If that makes any sense.

    Glen expressed interest in potentially making more of these if there are takers.

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jim g said...

Awesome light mount! Thanks!!!