Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day rain ride

The 747. I love riding this bike.

Justin and I went for a ride in the rain and disappearing snow. This is the first time I've been on the Fish Lake Trail since they paved the latest bit.

I've taken a few pictures from this vantage point over the years. Check out the picture taken from the same spot (and rambling on the FLT) from Feb 2007.

Our loop took us to Scribner, where we hopped on Cheney-Spokane for a bit before getting on to Grove. I predict that this will become a well-used route by many looking to do a quick paved loop that makes use of the Fish Lake Trail.

Dig Justin's bike:

Your basic 1983 Specialized Expedition. Fine fine ride man.


jim g said...

John, give us the details on that front light fender mount on your 747!

John Speare said...

Jim: the mount a nifty design that uses the eylet/stay on the honjo. Glen (elephant cycles) desinged/built it. I'll do a more thorough post, since he was wondering if such an attachment might have broader interest.

Anonymous said...

Some patches of ice this morning (Sat 1/2) on the FLT to Scribner, but most of the icy patches were frosty slush and ride-able.

The bicyclist's freeway south! Could use more onramps, though--like at Thorpe?