Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Lieb Report 1.0

Hopped on the retro-fresh Lieb bike today. Rode downtown, back out Sprague, climbed back to the house.

Good: Frame-good fit, smooth ride, handles well, excellent weight balance for stand-up climbing. Older high-end parts like this campy stuff really roll down the road nice. I think all the unsealed bearings must have a lot less cumulative drag. Michelin tires @ 85psi were about as nice as you could ask for. Front brake with Modolo sinterized pads...awesome. I wish the made these still. Rear brake with the old salmon colored pads...meh. Those are the most over-rated pads I've ever used. They always feel grabby, and have random bouts of squeal. Brooks pro saddle...pretty good. Feels too wide at the nose, but the sitz part was good.

Bad: Downtube friction shifters...Hate `em. Toe clips and straps...I can't believe we even used these, let alone using them for `cross and mountain bikes.

Oh, I really liked having my bottle cage on the bars. It's coffee approved. Overall, loved it. Maybe next time with clipless pedals.


Pat S said...

>>Downtube friction shifters...Hate `em.<<

Amen, you glorious heretic. They belong in the Smithsonian.

(Oy. Have to go do some penance now. But when my conscience is clear, I'll be bustin' out the rap version of "Give me brifters or give me death" in my living room.)

John Speare said...

Let's be clear -- *friction* DT shifters are a pain. *Indexed* DT shifters, however, are the bees-knees.

Mark H. said...

John, if you come across an eight speed Shimano rear wheel let me know. I want to build up my Woodrup with its downtube shifters in all their glory!