Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sellng some stuff

I took a drive with the family to Seattle last weekend. On the way I made a list of stuff I'm going to sell. It's time to clear some stuff out that I'm just never going to build up, or stuff that I've built up and I'm not riding.

Prices, pics, and terms to come later. Expect non-give-away prices and fussy, high-maintenance preference for local sales because I hate shipping frames.

This is a multi-step process in letting go....


Michael said...

What size is the Shogun?

glen c. said...

I'd like to look at liza rb-1. What size is it?

John Speare said...

MB-2: 52cm (from memory)
Liza RB-1: 53 cm (for real)
Hacked RB-1: 57.5 (for real)
Bridgestone geometry can be found here.

Shogun: 56 or 57 (from memory)
Paramount: 52 (from memory)

rory said...

I have no interest in the hacked RB-1, but i think you should sell it with the fork. you can have a much better fork made for whatever purpose, and with a crown that's about the same.

RJ said...

How did you end up with so many framesets?? HA HA! Wowza!

Joe said...

Is the Shogun just a frameset or complete bike? Are you willing to ship?

John Speare said...

Rory: I understand the logic behind your thinking. I may let the fork go, but it's nice to have different forks for different wheel sizes laying around. I'm really in a hack-phase right now, where I'm interested in hacking frankenbikes together to try out different stuff. So that's why I'd keep the fork. I'm not as enamored of the fancy crown as I once was.

RJ: This is the result of hording for the last 6 years or so and probably represents about 20% of the framesets I've tried over the same time period. As for where they came from:
MB-2 came from recycled cycles (2004?)
Liza RB-1- iBOB list serve (2005?)
Yellow RB-1 - some guy in oregon. I dont' remember how i found him. (2007)
Shogun: spokane craigslist (2005?)
Paramount: Recycled Cycles (2003)

There was a time when Recycled Cycles used to have great used stuff. Not so much anymore. I just caught the tail end of it.

rory said...

Just as an fyi, i have that fork for a 59 cm bike. if anyone wants aquasi matching fork(no braze-on canti studs), it's available for a price.

John Speare said...

Rory: I think I'd have to take some kind of commission in that sale. What's standard? 30%?

Joe: Frameset only. The page I pointed to is pretty old. It's been in fixed gear mode for the last 6 months or so. As for shipping: I'm hoping it doesn't come to that. I had some broken hearts and a bent downtube in one frame shipping transaction that makes me avoid shipping framesets as much as possible.

Ken Paulman said...

I think that Fuji's going to the grave with you. You'll have turned it into a pedicab or some damn thing by this summer.

alex wetmore said...

Rory should get the Fuji Turd for his planned cycle truck. Yeah it is in Spokane and he is in Seattle, but hundreds of cars make that journey every day and one of them could carry the frame.

I agree with Rory that you should sell the RB-1 with fork. I can hook you up with a fork.

John Speare said...

Rory: the turd is yours. I bet we can get a Thomsen to transport it.