Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fresh Fish

Picked this gem up hiding amongst the riff-raff bike frames at P2P thursday. I can't imagine why nobody had grabbed it. Its a nice old lugged steel bike with some crazy geometry. 70 degree seat, 72.3 head angle. A boatload of rake. Bet it rides nice. Crookedest fork ever. Built so bad I couldn't get it back to A-1- but its been like that since the seventies, so does it really matter? The derailluer hanger was missing, so I welded a new one on, you can see that in the close-up. The brand is Lieb, i've never heard of it, but my friend Simon has. My understanding is that Paul Fish donated this to maybe he can tell us the history of this one someday. Incedentally, the super shallow seat tube angle is pretty much negated by the Brooks pro seat mounting so far forward. Even in its most rearward position, it's way far forward. Anyway, built `er up today with some suitably aged parts I had laying around, looking forward to a first ride.


Anonymous said...

Looks like that geometry is dialed in for the Ronde van Palouse.

Pat S said...

Very cool ride. Needs a rack, though.

Anonymous said...

Fenders. Racks are for chumps.